1. PHOTOS: Our prices include general photos used in the custom header. While we have a collection of stock photos we use for design, additional photo purchase may be necessary for other locations on the site. We will let you know what the extra cost is. See our terms of service and licensing.

The quality of digital pictures is crucial in the looks of your website. While it is not necessary, most people want additional pictures included throughout the various pages. Unless you have had pictures taken by a professional, we suggest that you sign up for our photo shoot option at your location.

For example, builders might use the photo option for a display of a finished home, or a gallery of numerous homes. A cabinet builder might show a gallery of cabinet styles and projects.

2. VIDEO: Yes, we can include short video clips.

3. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? We quote on an individual basis….according to your needs.

4. COLOR: If you are planning on a blog, creating content and text, we recommend a light, off white background for the reading area. Dark backgrounds with light or colored text causes strain to the eyes and is difficult to read. Best choice is off white/neutral background with dark color text.

5. We use PayPal for billing & receiving payment online, you can use any major credit card and do not need a PayPal account.

See Terms of Service for other questions.