Free Oklahoma Website

A free website is fine as long as your services or products are free.  If you are sharing information about a hobby, a free website will do. Free websites display advertising.  With a free website, you usually have no control over what kind of ads will be displayed.  However, if you are a business, your website should be about YOU, not other companies.

 Another disadvantage of a free website is that your website address will include part of the advertising company’s address.  No one will remember your lengthy address.  It also becomes a hassle to write down.   A business needs to have a simple website address based on their name or keywords.

 Unfortunately, this next issue is even more serious.  If you are in business to sell products or services, you need a website that looks professional, that gives the appearance that you are established, experienced and successful enough to afford the normal expenses that every business has.  When I see a business that uses a free website, I think that they are barely making ends meet or they are a start up.  Web hosting costs under a $100. a year.  Websites can be built for under fifteen hundred dollars.  A business using a free website makes others wonder about their financial stability.   Do I want to purchase products or services from a company that is that close to going out of business?  No.  Most people want to do business with someone who is credible, stable and will be around when you have problems.

 If a business has a free website that is incomplete, it makes one wonder if the job will be completed or the project finished on time. Incomplete website translates to incomplete work. 

In the long run, a free website will NOT save you money.  A free website is costly to you in terms of negative first impression and the questions it raises about your financial health. 

Digital Seasons of Life ® will build you a business website that communicates professionalism,  stability and success.  A quality website translates into a quality business service and product.   Email us today: